PORTFOLIO: Church Best Practices Presentation


Project Background

The Challenge: The client needed to teach church staff and volunteers best practices for protecting themselves and those they serve. The training needed to be brief yet thorough, memorable yet tasteful. The training would be delivered in person and offered online.

My Solution: After working with subject matter experts and doing a great deal of research, I came up with a set of best practices for creating a safe sanctuary. Because this topic has the potential to be either very dry or too explicit, I chose to engage the audience using strong imagery to symbolize concepts rather than graphically portray content.  For the sake of brevity, I created a single four-minute presentation that could be deployed as part of a larger training or stand on its own

I produced one version of the presentation with voice-over narration to be used online and another without the narration but with a script and slide cues to be used in face-to-face environments. 

Why this Project Works

  • It captures the learners’ attention in a powerful way but without being graphic.
  • Learners will remember the striking images and the concepts they symbolize.
  • It uses dual modes of communication: auditory and visual.
  • The versatile medium can be used in both asynchronous and in-person settings. 

Created Using

  • Haiku Deck presentation app
  • Adobe Premiere 13
  • Snagit screen recorder
  • Narration by yours truly

Watch the 75 second demo below!

The demo below shows the first 60 seconds of the narrated presentation followed by about 15 seconds of narration giving a bit more detail about the presentation.