PORTFOLIO: Intelligent Forms


Project Background

The Challenge: Teachers and administrators spend hours manually filling out forms to document compliance with regulations concerning the administration of bilingual and ESL programs. Unfortunately, manual completion takes time and can contain errors. Program administrators needed to streamline the documentation process and reduce input error. They also needed to maintain hard copies of all forms. 

My Solution: I replaced the paper forms with digital forms that could be completed on a computer and printed out to save. Features such as drop-down menus and calendars reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a form while the logical layout and response-reveal fields prevent errors by guiding the user through the form.

I also reduced information redundancies and strategically combined information sourcing. The result was typically five to seven fewer forms to complete.

These forms are integrated with  Best Practice Guides. 

Why these Forms Work

  • Form responses are guided, which reduces errors and saves time.
  • Help and tips are embedded into the form.
  • Completed forms can be saved, allowing for quick reference, or printed. 
  • Compliance rates increased when programs switched to dynamic forms. 

Authoring Tools

  • Adobe LiveCycle Designer