PORTFOLIO: Types of Running Workouts

Project Background

The Challenge: A running organization wanted a way to educate its members on various running-related topics, including dealing with the common injury, plantar fasciitis. The training needed to present a great deal of technical information in a manner that is easy to understand, highly engaging (because this training is voluntary), and brief

My Solution:  To accommodate varied time constraints, I gave the learner control over the information by creating a free navigation system and by scaling the information: The learner chooses how much information to see

Learners meaningfully engage with the sometimes technical content thanks to the use of a narrative, or story most runners will relate to, and strategically placed interactions such as asking learners to predict events.

Delivering content through a mix of voice-over narration, text, and impactful graphics accommodates a variety of learning preferences while driving home the learning objectives. 


Authoring Tools

The course was created with:

  • Adobe Captivate 9
  • Graphics created in PowerPoint
  • Voice-over narration by yours truly 
  • Background music from bensound.com

Why This Course Works

  • The learner can relate to the main character of the training narrative
  • The learner decides the level and timing of information.
  • The learner hears, reads, and visualizes the information
  • Strategically placed interactions engage the learner and keep his or her attention focused on the content

Click on the image below to launch a brief demo of the course!