PORTFOLIO: Gaming Screencast

Project Background

The Challenge: Research supports the use of gaming for learning, but teachers are unsure how to integrate learning games into a more traditional instructional environment. Gaming and administering learning games class-wide can also be intimidating to teachers who are not familiar with the technology. 

My Solution: I created a screencast of a well-developed learning game for high school students, CSI:The Experience, demonstrating the game’s instructional resources and suggesting ways the game could be used to extend learning beyond the classroom. I highlight the game’s main features and selling points for students. I also demonstrate how to set up a game as a class-wide learning activity

This screencast is just one part of a larger training on gaming in education.



Authoring Tools

  • Snagit screen recorder
  • Adobe Premiere (video editor)
  • Narration by yours truly

Why This Screencast Works

  • It motivates and inspires teachers to add learning games to their teaching toolkit.
  • It demonstrates how a typical web-based learning game offers instructional resources.
  • It provides an example of how to set up a game-based learning activity for a class. 

Watch the two minute demo!

The demo consists of about 60 seconds of the actual screencast followed by the rest of the video in fast-forward.