PORTFOLIO: Software Training Course

Project Background

The Challenge: The client needed to train office staff how to use their powerful database and reporting software. Unfortunately, the software was older, complex, and not intuitive at all. In fact, the software was so intimidating that very few of the staff used it. 

My Solution: To overcome the staff’s anxiety about using the software, I created a course featuring a friendly virtual course guide, non-technical language, and a bright color scheme. I also gave the learner control over the order in which to view information and how deep to go into the information. And, I used a variety of instructional techniques that keep learners engaged. 

Because this software is a bit complex, learning how to use involved quite a bit of information. I broke up the material into easy-to-process chunks and followed up each section with a quick knowledge check. I also incorporated several simulations as a way to give learners guided practice


Authoring Tools

  • Articulate Storyline 2
  • Graphics created in PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop
  • Screen recordings using Articulate Replay and Snagit
  • Voice over narration by yours truly

Why This Course Works

  • It eased staff members’ built-up anxiety toward the complex software.
  • It offered learners’ a measure of control over their learning experience. 
  • It offered a variety of instructional methods including video demonstrations, simulations, and interactive practices
  • The staff members learned how to use the software and are now happier and more productive.

Click on the image below to launch a demo of the course!